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Conservation through co-operation
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The Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK) is a global biodiversity asset, the smallest of the world's six floral kingdoms and the only one to be found entirely within one country. It is home to more types of indigenous plants than any similar sized area on Earth.

What makes it even more special is that approximately 70% of its 9000 plant species are found nowhere else on Earth. The conservation of the remaining areas of natural vegetation within the CFK is of international conservation significance. The flora of the Cape is being threatened by agricultural and urban expansion as well as by alien vegetation invasion. Many threatened habitats, especially those in lowland areas, fall within private properties. Unfortunately there is limited financial support from government for conservation on private land.

Private conservation and state-private sector collaborative partnerships are essential for the long-term conservation of much of the regions biodiversity. www.fynbos.co.za tells the story of a group of landowners who are determined to ensure the preservation of the natural splendour of the Walker Bay region of the CFK. It also provides some interesting information on the ecology of this amazing region.


What is fynbos?

Fynbos is the term given to a collection of plants (a vegetation type) that is dominated by shrubs and comprises species peculiar to South Africa's southwestern and southern Cape.

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The endemic Erica irregularis on the hills overlooking Walker Bay.
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